Monday, October 24

Know That Allah Is There For You

when the tide is running high,
know that Allah is there for you,
when you feel so lost in the dark,
know that Allah is there to light your way out,
when you feel so low and you think that there's no way back,
know that Allah will have mercy on you,
when you broke down and cry,
know that Allah is always there to pick you up,
when you feel like you're alone,
know that Allah is closer than your neck's vessel,
when you feel that there's too much to take,
know that Allah will not burden more than your might,
when you feel like nothing's going your way,
know that Allah wants only good for you,
when you have this heart ache that you'd die to let it out,
know that Allah is there to heal you,
when you feel there's no hope left,
know that Allah is there for you.

and He will always be there for you,
like no one else does.

because He is, our only hope.

Allah Allah Allah

ease our path to Your Jannah. amin. :'(

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