Sunday, August 9

Thanks Dear..

Thanks dear Allah,

for the sun and for the moon,
for the earth and the stars,
for the rains and the rainbows,
for the mountains and rivers,
for the beaches and forest,

Thanks dear Allah,

for every breath that I take,
for every single drop of blood in my veins,
for being there when I'm sick,
for letting me know how precious health is,
for all Your tenderness and loving.

Thanks dear Allah,

for shedding lights on me,
for guiding me through this life,
for saving me from foolishness,
for opening up my eyes to the Truth,
for sending Muhammad and al-Furqan,

for letting me embracing Islam ya Allah!
for without Islam, I'm nothing.

Bless me, bless my life ya Allah!
for without it, torments of Hell is surely mine.

Thanks dear Allah..

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