Friday, August 7

C'est la Vie

C'est la Vie - Such is life.

Life is truly wonderful, innit? One day you wake up, feeling blessed and positive all day, the next day, you wake up on the wrong side of your bed, and things happen throughout the day. In the end, you know it will end at the very moment you close your eyes. Hoping that it's gonna be better the next time you open it up again. Or not?

Well, "every living things will die", says the Quran, no matter how you try, how you run, you know your time will come. Leaving this world forever is a big thing innit? Have you ever put a thought on it? Well, try to. Come on, why are you so scared? It's everyone's graduation day. A grand graduation or a horrible one? You choose.

Story of mine.

I, once, am so afraid of dying. I'm so scared that I cried every night when I think of death. I'm so terrified that I always check my siblings when they sleep whether they're breathing or not. Dying is my greatest fear. I've always has this thought of creating a shelter to keep staying alive. A shelter that's free of bacteria/virus and is bombproof/bulletproof. Hehe. Well, it's a foolish idea anyway. I can easily die of heart disease or aging.

A laughable moment in my life, I mean, what's the point of living if you don't die? How long do you plan to live this hard-stressful-tiring-tough life? 1000 years? Come on, do you want 1000 years of painful life? (You were born, you grow up, you learn to run, talk, eat, think, then you enter your primary school, then secondary school or even boarding school, studying hard(it's hard) for exams to get into university, then actually got into your least fav course, graduate, start to work, found someone you love, got dumped, do your masters, phD or whatever, lost your job, find a new love, dumped, got a new job, married with mom's choice in the end, fights, tough times at the office, quarrels, fired due to global economic disaster, bladibladibla for thousands of years or more?) OR a 60 years living fully in accordance to Allah's system (Islam) and die peacefully and enter jannah(insyaAllah)?

Life is surely short. We will die anytime, maybe of swine flu? Accident? Who knows? It's not too important to keep on staying alive, what I mean is, if one does thinks (in Quran, Allah says many times 'afala tatafakkarun', "do you not think?"), one can only be happy when he's approaching his time to leave this world as he knows his final destination is getting nearer, innit? Of course, that's for those who've strong faith in Allah and the Day of Judgement. But, don't we want to be like that?

Life is surely short.

Life is surely hard.

and yet,

Life is surely exciting.

Live your life to the max.

(never been happy enough until now.~^^)

(knowing the real Islam is the best thing that can happen to anyone who has faith in Allah)

May Allah bless us with His guidance always. Amin.

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