Friday, February 3

Lampiasan : Masjid

Hari ni rasa macam nak melampiaskan kesedihan yang tak terkata, I just got back from work and singgah this masjid for Isya prayer, and partly nak tenangkan hati yang tengah gusar musar ni. So after Isha, I sat down and took out a Quran from the shelves and start reciting it lowly to almost whispering. I just got to the 2nd ayah and the ayah is quite long, so I read halfway and poof, the prayer hall dimmed as main lights were turned off, and I was like.... and there's still some jemaah prayer (those who missed the jemaah with the imam) I guess budak budak usrah cause they're four of them and were quite young. and there's one african guy whos praying the ba'adiah prayer, and after that he tried to read some ayah from the Quran and was told by the pakchicks that 'after isha, close'. Man, I hurriedly try to keluar through the main entrance and I found out it was locked so kena pusing all the way around to keluar, and I was not pissed, cuma it's the reality of the masjids nowadays. A place where one can release their tensions sume2 ended up jadi tempat yg diguna 5 kali sehari je.

It's saddening but tu la, tak tarbiyyah manusia, banyak pencuri perompak etc, and banyak orang desperate for money sampai terpaksa pecah tabung masjid and all pushed te masjid to tutup kedai early. How I wish I can live in a day where we can lepak2 at masjid while ade orang berceramah and having different classes around the big area of masjid and some makcik were chit chattin about their life ahd having their halaqah. And kids? Yes they are alowed in the masjid, and tey were runnin around happily and when the time comea for everyone to go home, they'll be like, "alaaaa, tak nak balik papa.." How nice kan? Well, we've got works to do kalau nak macamtu, seating around wont change anything. Work work work.


Anonymous said...

Assalam icam, try pg masjid sri petaling, amalan hidup 24 jam 365 days.xpenah tutup

nur naa'irah said...

salam..nice blog..interesting entry..:-)