Thursday, November 17

Tentang Izyan

girls, don't blindly show off your pretty face, your charm, your manja, hide it well and keep it for your hubby. and please don't sell it off for a low price, to a total stranger. a hidden gem is a well kept gem. gem yang terdedah sana sini will collect calar sana sini, and it will not be pretty. hardness is the ability for a gem to resist scratch. diamond is the hardest of them all, while glass, well, try amik your handphone put on tarmac, and scratch scratch scratch. so, be tough, jual mahal, you'll be a diamond. while most of girls yang Prophet said majoriti penghuni neraka, although they are pretty and they show off their charms and all that and guys would be madly in love with the way the groove and stuffs, they're just a bunch of glasses, waiting to be pounced and scratched and shattered to pieces. you, be a diamond, for Allah's sake.

for shattered glasses, well, Allah is not kejam. glasses can be kitar semula kitar semula kan? so there's always hope. and He's been waiting for you, for so long now. go and get Him. He's most forgiving and most merciful, isn't He?

hiasan terbaik dunia, is not gold or silver or bling bling and all, its uols, wanita solehah. so be proud. :)

p/s: izyan = hiasan


Anonymous said...

sangat jelesssss, sebab name saye bukan izyan.

Rihammahsih said...

anonymous: well, you can be an izyan for the world, just strive to be solehah. then boleh tukar nama izyan. even an izyan is not really an izyan if she's not solehah.