Friday, November 11


how can you expect someone to return your love when you didnt love wholeheartedly?

but yet again, we still say it on our lips a million times 'i love u' 'this hearts only for u' 'i live my life for you' 'theres none but u' but deep within our hearts we don't really mean it. we're just faking it out, and hoping we might gain something from it, but Allah knew from the beginning, whose sincere and whose not.

and mcm kita lah manusia, kalau cinta sbb utk gain something, and when kantoi our true niat, surely we're the most hinaest person on earth, and can u expect anyone to even trust u again?

kita dengan Allah macamana? saban hari kita reiterate our ikrar 'solatku, ibadahku, hidupku, matiku, hanyalah utkMu Allah, tuhan sekelian alam' but then, we try to escape, to cheat our way out and we fake our action and we sweep our sins bawah karpet and hoping it will be forgotten. memang layaklah kita duduk di neraka paling bawah, lebih bawah drpd kafir, wpun diorang tak percaya/lawan Allah, kita ni betray Allah when Allah has given everything that we could ask.

love is to give, and not expecting to get anything from it. love is sincerity. love is not mentioning your deeds. love is not mentioning your efforts. love is not mentioning your pains. and whilst we can return someone's love, it will be full of kekurangan. and that kekurangan, should be tampung by sabr and understanding. but hey, when you give your love to Allah, He will not and will never sia-siakan any of your effort though it seems lekeh in human's eye, it might be your ticket to jannah.

let's try to relate to that, and ask Allah to forgive our past sins, and change, slowly but have strong intention that we want to be a better servant for Allah. may He forgive our sins yg bergunung2 dan berlautan ni.

Allahumma ja'alna fi qulubina nuro, wa fi absorina nuro, wa fi sam'ina nuro, wa 'an yaminina nuro, wa 'an shimalina nuro, wa amamina nuro, wa khalfina nuro, wa fauqina nuro, wa tahtina nuro, waja'alna nuro.

'Ya Allah berikanlah dalam hati kami cahaya, dan di mata kami cahaya, dan di pendengaran kami cahaya, dan di kanan kami cahaya, di kiri kami juga cahaya, di depan kami cahaya, di belakang kami cahaya, di atas kami cahaya, di bawah kami cahaya dan berikanlah kami cahayaMu.'

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