Monday, November 14

Hilang Wallet

If you lose something important, you will definitely find it in the last place you look.

oh and this also applies to happiness too, bila kita hilang happiness, ketenangan, kite selalu cuba cari ketenangan/kegembiraan dgn tengok sunrise/sunset, stargazing, go for massage, counter stress pills, tengok movie sambil makan aiskrim, nangis berlinang2an, mengadu kat bestfriend, enjoy sakan dekat genting, pegi karok sampai kering tekak, masak/makan sedap2, keluar tengah2 malam pegi mamak or krunchy fried chicken, drive around kl, take days off and go for holiday, but the last place we will look for happiness, is in Allah, try find it in Allah, when everyone is asleep, pray sunat 2 rakaah, and in the last sujud, mengadulah pada Allah sepuas-puasnya.

p/s: found my wallet. alhamdulillah. silly me :P (this is one thousand one times I lost my wallet. I think I need someone who can look after my wallet soon ^^)

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