Sunday, January 24

What's Love?

What's love?

Love is when you're willing to surrender your heart and soul to your loved ones.

and the Ultimate Surrender is to submit and surrender yourself

wholly to non other but 


the Owner of hearts,

There's no better way to manifest our love to Allah

by following every of His guidance and fearing His prohibitions,

And yeah, that's basically what Islam is,

giving all of your heart and life to Allah

that's the Greatest Love of all.

provided we take Islam whole-heartedly,

living this life Allah's way, not our own way. 

O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the evil one; for he is to you an avowed enemy.

verily, if your lover is loving

know that Allah is The Ultimate Lover

if your lover is sweet

who can be the sweetest if it isn't Him

oh, he gives you big teddy bear?

life, love, heart, senses, water to start with, are this comparable?

if your lover gives you everything you desire

admit this, you surely cannot count everything He gave you all your life

if your lover touch your heart

Allah is The Owner of Hearts, He can take your feelings away anytime He wants.

and if ever your lover leaves you,

know that Allah will NEVER leave you.

instead, you're the one who always leave Allah,

aren't you ashamed of yourself?

"..For surely it is not the eyes that are blind, but blind are the hearts which are in the breasts."


whatever promises he/she gives to you

whatever wonder he/she rewards you

non is comparable

to the reward to those who surrender and submit whole-heartedly to Allah,

"Beautified for mankind is love of the joys (that come) from women and offspring; and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded (with their mark), and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode.

Say: Shall I inform you of something better than that? For those who keep from evil, with their Lord, are Gardens underneath which rivers flow wherein they will abide, and pure companions, and contentment from Allah. Allah is Seer of His bondmen,"

Dijadikan indah pada manusia kecintaan kepada apa-apa yang diingini, yaitu: wanita-wanita, anak-anak, harta yang banyak dari jenis emas, perak, kuda pilihan, binatang-binatang ternak dan sawah ladang. Itulah kesenangan hidup di dunia dan di sisi Allah-lah tempat kembali yang baik (surga).

Katakanlah: "Inginkah aku kabarkan kepadamu apa yang lebih baik dari itu?" Untuk orang-orang yang bertakwa, pada sisi Tuhan mereka ada surga yang mengalir di bawahnya sungai-sungai; mereka kekal di dalamnya. Dan isteri-isteri yang disucikan serta keridhaan Allah: Dan Allah Maha Melihat akan hamba-hamba-Nya.


the Ultimate Happiness = Heaven

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