Wednesday, July 27

Ramadhan's nearing

Ramadhan is nearing. how's our preparation?

Let's banyakkan mengaji, so that inshaAllah boleh at least a juz a day.

Let's puasa sunat mane yang sempat, so perut tak terkejut sangat nanti.

Let's banyakkan solat sunat, prepare untuk tarawikh.

Let's banyakkan sedekah, banyakkan lagi ketika Ramadhan nanti.

Let's banyakkan istighfar, banyakkan sabar, elakkan maksiat.

Let's banyakkan zikrullah, kerapkan muhasabah, dan zikrul maut.

Let's banyakkan qiyamullail, lepaskan banyak titis air mata taubat.

Let's be more considerate to others, and be selfless in everyway we can.

Let's be more helpful to one another, and please our parents and friends.

Let's be more gentle to people around us, and remember those in needs.

Let's be more moderate in everything in life, and not be judgemental.

May Ramadhan be a stepping stone in becoming a better slave of Allah, inshaAllah.

Anyway you slice it, Ramadhan has the best setting in regards to better ourselves, innit?

Here's a good 2 hours Cerekarama/Telemovie to spice up our preparation for Ramadhan.

Antara Garisan (Drama Terbaik Anugerah Skrin 2010)

Happy Ramadhan~!


imejin said...

salam Ramadan!

ampun utk segala silap salah.

hishammahir said...

salam ramdhan. back at u tort.

semoga Ramdhan kali ini tak disiasia.