Monday, July 11

Of Bersih 2.0

Everyone is well aware of the big event that happens in our beloved country Malaysia, the Bersih 2.0 rally. If you look closely at the 'tuntutans' of Bersih;

1. Bersihkan senarai undi.
2. Memperbaiki undi pos.
3. Gunakan dakwat kekal.
4. Masa kempen minima 21 hari.
5. Akses media yang bebas dan adil.
6. Kukuhkan institusi awam.
7. Hentikan rasuah.
8. Hentikan politik kotor.

there is nothing harmful at all. PM Najib has been said that he allows the Bersih to gather peacefully in Stadium Merdeka, as what YdP Agong Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin has titahkan, but peliknya, why were the Police forced to stop the people from getting into the Stadium turned the peaceful rally into ugly situation (with all the unnecessary tear gas and water cannon). It's the higher arahan that arahkan the Police to do so (who's behind it? I guess it's the Home Minister who's in charge of the Police force). Kan better if the Police tak halang the rally, tak tutup KL, assist the traffic so that tak jammed sangat and let the demokrasi speaks their misery. Unless ade yang looting, or provoking the Police, or riot between Perkasa and Patriot with the Bersih tu, lain la Police nak campur tangan.

Now it is not about the leader is Hindi and sokong IFC yang memurtadkan orang Islam. Bersih coalition is not about her, it's supported by many NGOs (click to view) who wants fair electoral process. Whilst if you look back in Madinah, have Nabi formed a coalition with the non-Muslims? Yes, in the Madinah Charter, the Jews and Christians were also involved to protect justice and the well-being of Madinah. Have you not known that the Jews has killed many Prophets before? So don't be stressed out by the religious sentiment. Islam promotes fair and justice, so what's the problem of working together with non-Muslim to angkat justice to its place?

I'm not fighting the Government nor the police, I'm not blaming anyone, but I strongly believe, whether you support Bersih or not, we can improve our situations together peacefully, be tolerant to each other and respect one another, with all humanly feelings. Nobody wants violence, everybody wants justice to be served, it's just a matter of whether what we believe as truth is the REAL truth, or not.

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