Wednesday, July 20

Black and White People.

He touches on truth in this song! I love when he does this, cuz its so true... Alot of the time we feel out of place... But in reality, we all feel out of place its like being a black and white T.V. character in a world perceived as that respect, he's talking about perception. We percieve ourselves as being black and white when someone else looks at us and says "Daaang, what a technicolor person" lol. i think i went overbored...? anyone get what im saying? lol.

Chances are we are all in the same boat if we understand the message of this song. We think and look up to others as being very good (say Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Yusuf Islam, Peter Zumthor, Tun Mahathir, or the sahabi namely; Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali r.a or whomsoever you admire) while having a thought of we're not good enough to be like them. Do we not? It's just a matter of perception, really. For one can truly strive to be the best by making the best out of what they've got, not by trying to be like the one you envy most.

It goes in an aayah in the Quran;
Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the Last Day, and remembereth Allah much.
Ahzaab : 21

The best of examples one can look up upon is non other than Rasullullah S.A.W. himself, for arRasul himself is human as much as we are but with God-given revelation; a mighty task to be given to a human which no one is able to deliver it except the God-chosen anbiya' themselves, and as human as it is, he sheds blood and tears, he eats and drinks, he has desire like us, he is like us, but the thing that elevated him among us is Allah chose him to be the khatimunNabiy and grant him the perfect taqwa and unrivalled imaan in his heart.

The thing that I'd like to point out is the term, 'good example'. Remember when we were learning mathematics in school-days, there are examples set in the book or shown by the teacher, but surely when we're sitting for the exams, it won't come out 'bulat-bulat' like what's there in the book right?

In reality, we as human, has a perfect example in arRasul, in every manner in each corner of this life, but our situations are different, arRasul didn't deal with the challenges on the internet (oh, you know it - the youtubes, music videos, uncensored stuffs over there) etc. but he set a ground rule where each and everyone of us should follow with the correct understanding of why we're doing it, or why we're prohibited from it.

We are all, but black and white people, and yet we are and people see us as technicolor people if we do understand this deen. Let's spread tarbiyyah among the people so that we can be the means to other people's guidance from Allah.

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