Sunday, March 6

Of Misi Kasih Palestine (MKP) Manchester


Today, Misi Kasih Palestine Manchester will hold a talk of the topic, Palestine: Today and Tomorrow from Assoc Prof Dr. Hafidzi, Director of Palestine Centre of Excellence (PACE) Malaysia at 3 pm. I'm overly excited about it as during breakfast just now, we had a sharing with Dr himself as he shared his vast experience and knowledge upon the most critical issue of the ummah, Palestine.

Just a short snippet of what he himself said;

a) He stressed that the Palestinian issue is not a melancholic issue, it's not negative, he said he always asked for the banner or programme named to be changed from 'Air Mata Palestin' to 'Berita Gembira dari Palestin'. because everything that's there from Palestine is positive. We are winning this battle and Allah is with us all along. The future is looking good for the Palestinians.

b) Palestine is the point of unity within the Muslims, those from different political parties, mazhab or even countries will agree that we don't want Al-Quds to fall into the Zionist's hand. It's always good to have a similarity within the diversity.

c) As-Syahid Syeikh Ahmad Yassin (may Allah be pleased with him) himself set a target for the extinction of the Israel state on 2036. He's no pak nujum or anything but he sets a target that's achievable. It took 97 years before Salahuddin al-Ayyubi managed to win back Al-Quds. Since the fall of many Palestinian lands to the hands of Israel in 1948, the period between the target (2036) and 1948 is 88 years - almost the same period of time taken by the Muslims back then.

d) Please change from 'Tabung Derma Palestin' to 'Tabung Hutang Palestin'. He said that we are in debt with them, Palestinians. They fought to protect our third 'tanah suci' after Makkah and Madinah as mentioned in the hadeeth. We are responsible for Al-Quds as much as they do, it requires bloodsheds and tears and money and every guts they have to defend it. What's our part? Therefore, we owe our money to them. As fatwaed (past participle of fatwa) by Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi that it is wajib to give money to the Palestinians who's defending al-Quds. How much? It depends on us.

e) More and more Western people are supporting the Palestinian cause because the control over the media has been lifted and people now can see through the lies and the propaganda. It's an abuse of human right, it's a crime. Some of the Zionists product such as McDonalds, Coca Cola company and others are struggling to survive in some parts of the West as the sanctions, the boycotts held by the Western people, mostly non-Muslims are humongous. We, Muslims, should be ashamed if we still eat McDonalds and drink Cokes. It's like drinking the blood of the Palestinians and eating the flesh of your own brothers and sisters. During the Gaza Flotilla expedition, it's reported that of the 600 who were on board, 200 were from the Western countries.

f) Israel has been plying its trade to survive with Iran before the Revolution in 1979. After Shah Iran is thrown from his throne, Israel find Egypt as its new ally. With the fall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Israel will be struggling to maintain its position in the Middle East as it already lose Turkey which has changed a lot since Erdogan has took charge. Israel is shrinking, they lose Sinai, they lose south of Lebanon, they lose Gaza. Once the border of Rafah is opened, imagine thousands and thousands of supporter will be there having festivities and Israel will be hiding behind the wall they build themselves and 'terkurung' there for many years to come until what's said by Prophet Muhammad about them defending behind the wall and the trees happens.

g) Islam will prevail and brings peace to the world anyhow, as long as we spread the message that Islam is rahmatan lil 'alamin, a blessing towards the whole world, and it really is. Just look at how disperse the Western community on the defend of Muslim Brotherhood during the time when the Western media started to throw their propaganda on MB. They said they will let the opposition to rule and they're with the people, not leading the revolution. Just look at Tahrir square, they're the one turning the Tahrir square into a big complex 'lengkap' with everything, from toilets to medical assistants, food stalls to tents. When the party is over, they're the one who clean up the Tahrir square.

Okay, ingat nak tulis sikit je. Tapi dah tertulis banyak. Hopefully nanti ada video on the talk itself petang ni. So, wait ye inshaAllah.

Anyway, it's always nice to have a pious person as a guest, hopefully Allah will bless us and guide us too as much as He blessed and guide this fighter to be what he is now and hopefully may Allah be content with what he did and grant him Jannatulfirdaus, inshaAllah. Amin.

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