Sunday, February 5

Have No Fear

Dont be dejected if you failed or rejected, you should be elated to know that you're elected among those who is tested, subjected to the way you responded.

The Provider will never turn The Heart Crusher unless the pesimist in you win the battle of emotion and be among those who question why this notion happens maybe its for your reflection because you're just falling apart in slow motion,

and blessed is he who turn to His Lord and ask for His Guidance, at times of ease and peace or in need or in deep rooted hole of trouble, for this life is surely nothing, but a test for you, and me.

So be pleased with whatever things that come our way because we'll see it through like sunshine will surely comes after rain and aint no shame to cry in pain because we are human, not some robots or dolls or mannequins, we have feelings and feeling is to be expressed and what better way than to perform the night solah and spurt everything to The Best Listener and The One that is in control for surely everything including our heart and soul is in His control.

So have no fear, for Allah is near.

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