Friday, February 26

Rindu Padamu Menjadi-jadi.

اللهم صلي على حبيبنا محمد

Say, who hath face the greatest of difficulties in the history of humanity other than Rasulullah PBUH? 
Truly in his time, literally there's no one who worship Allah, and Allah hath given him the biggest of tasks 
to carry out the message of Allah/the Deen itself, to shed the light in the darkness of the world. 

If you are to be given the task to be the first person to receive Islam and spread it to the whole of mankind, 
what will you make of it? 

Seriously, think about it. 

When one does realise the job to deliver Islam to the whole of world, what will you do? 
That sort of questions ran through our Prophet's PBUH mind when he first received 
the 1st revelation, 'Iqra' which means 'read'. 


Read what? 

There's neither Islamic book nor Quran at that time to be read, wasn't it? 

So, what did Allah asked our Prophet to read? 

"Read in the name of Allah who Creates." Allah asked our Prophet to observe His creations to learn about Him. 

We now have Quran and all sorts of Islamic books to be read, but still... we haven't done even the 1st revelation.
What are we? How proud are we? 
Without Islam, we are nothing, without Islam, hell is our final destination.

Thanks to our beloved Prophet PBUH who shed tears of blood time and time again just to spread Islam to us.

That sort of barrier Rasulullah hath encounter successfully through endless of pains and sacrifices, day and night 
reserved the highest rank near Allah SWT, the Habibullah.

To say he's special because he's chosen by Allah to be the last Messenger isn't probably the right way of saying it.
Rather he's special because he sacrifices everything he hath, what I mean by everything is everything, he didn't have
the time to enjoy the wealth and luxury of this world, he didn't have the time to relax and enjoy this short life.
He gave his all, in other word, he submit himself only to Allah, and that's what made him the Special One.
Important bit to remember, he's a human like us who hath need, who hath the desire for the luxury of the world, 
who hath feeelingsss, who feels pain, tired, sickness, not an angel.

Whilst it is good to do Selawat on him, surely there's more to do, don't we?

If he were among us today, surely he'll cry blood instead of tears if he sees our everyday life.

Rindu padamu menjadi-jadi..
Air mata mengalir tak henti-henti..
Mengenang diri yang lemah ini..
Menyahut dakwahmu yg tercinta ini..
Ingin bersamamu ya Rasulullah..
Ingin bersamamu ya Habibullah..

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Allah..
Kabulkan doaku yg satu ini ya Allah..

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لو كان بيننا الحبيب
لدنا القاصي والقريب 
من طيبة قبل المغيب 
طالباً قرب الحبيب

في قربه النفس تطيب
تدعو الله فيجيب
أنوار طه لا تغيب
بلغنا لقاه يا مجيب

فدتك روحي يا حبيب
محمد مكرم الغريب
بقربك الروح تطيب
يا رحمة للعالمين

If the Beloved (PBUH) were among us,
Those from far and near will come to Him,
Hoping to see the sun of goodness before it sets,
Desiring to be near to Him

In His company the soul feels great,
On that moment, if He prays to Allah, Allah will surely answer,
The light of Taha (PBUH) will not cease to exist,
Oh You Who Answers Prayer please fulfill our hope to meet Him,

I'm willing to sacrifice my life for You oh Beloved.
Muhammad (PBUH) honourer of strangers
In Your company the soul feels great.
Oh Mercy To All Of The World (PBUH).

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